Patio Table and Kartell Dr. No Chairs

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Patio Table and Kartell Dr. No Chairs


The funky modern patio set works great for a small patio or condo balcony.  Space saving too!  The white toped table has a weighted base for extra stability.  

The chairs are Dr. NO armchairs, a Kartell classic. The Dr. NO chair is a Phillip Stark design and famous for its perfect combination of functionality and beauty. The chairs are not sensitive to temperature changes,  stackable up to four high and characterized by its enveloping, comfortable seat, elegance, practicality, cleaning ease.  These chairs individually are originally priced at well over $350 each.    

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Age:  6 years old
Condition:  All pieces in very good condition, however there is some slight wear and tear consistent with daily use.
Dimensions:   Table: 32"D   Chairs: 21"W X 19" D
Viewing Available: Yes

Reminder:  Due to the originality of our items, there are NO REFUNDS / NO EXCHANGES.  Please make certain you are happy with any listed or visual damage, and MEASURE before purchasing.