Nour is a Certified Interior Designer and owner of Noon Interior Design and Flock Interiors.  With a background in Architecture, and having lived in France, the Middle East, Montreal and Vancouver, her exposure to international design styles gives her an appreciation for designing a home around fabulous pieces, heirlooms and on-trend items to create a look that is unique, timeless, and fashionable. 



Nour , a Vancouver based designers, heard all too often of friends and designers selling quality furnishings at a loss.   Similarly, she met clients who had unknowingly purchased lower quality goods at significant retail mark-ups.

Deciding there was a better way to connect this supply of high-end furnishings with clients looking for quality at realistic and competitive prices, she created Flock Interiors.



Nour has used her talents in design and business to create a business that works to pair valuable pieces with people looking to update their decor in a sensible and stylish way.  Whether it is your own piece redesigned and refreshed, or something you have picked up from our market, Flock Interiors offers you the opportunity to add something timeless, fresh and beautiful to your home.

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Nour & Deborah 

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