The Phi Coffee Table

Phi Sofa Table-1.jpg
Phi Sofa Table-1.jpg

The Phi Coffee Table


Hand made cherry coffee table

Product Description

The top of this sofa table is a single piece of Cherry cut just off the centre of the tree. The table is a study in the Golden Mean or Phi. 
The artist used this proportion from the overall and detailed dimensions of materials to the semi-logarithmic scale of the Lace wood used in the under-shelf and legs. 
Crafted in 2011.

  • Age:  New
  • Condition: Excellent 
  • Dimensions:70"w- 17"h- 17"
  • Viewing Availability: Yes

Reminder:  Due to the originality of our items, there are NO REFUNDS / NO EXCHANGES. Please make certain you are happy with any listed damage, and MEASURE before purchasing.

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